Published November 28, 2008 by sweetashoney

I sit here at my computer, the news on tv in the background… Mumbai- its all happened in Mumbai… who has not heard about it? If you havent you probably live in a cave, in isolation… scary stuff going on in the world today… why oh why won’t we stop killing each other? Here I am two weeks to go before we embark on our vacation to India and I am wandering will we be safe? Will this all blow over? have so looked forward to this holiday… hope we donot have to cancel.
That would be disappointing, to say the least.
Friday, my visit at mum’s house comes to an end tomorrow as I head home back to Johannesburg… Hooray I am going home, peace and quiet, the comfort of my own bed. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my stay, who does not like to be spoilt, but I so look forward to being in my own space, my own rules and the warm arms of my darling husband.
On the other hand, home also comes with responsibilities and expectations. I shal step back into the shoes of the dedicated wife and homemaker, and the prodigal daughter in law making nice, nice with darling usband’s family.

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