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It is Sunday already.. Reminiscing about Hajj

Published December 14, 2008 by sweetashoney

I can’t believe its Sunday already. Two days left to our HOLIDAY!!! The excitement has finally caught up with me, I must admit!!! I have to start packing soon, maybe tonight. The one thing I have not done yet is get my immunisation against cholera. Darling husband insists that its not necessary as long as we stick to drinking bottled water only. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but what about fruit and vegetables that have been rinsed in tap water- is that not risky?. Eish!!,I don’t know what to do … On the plus side I have already been vaccinated against yellow fever. Darling husband’s uncle , aunt and cousin have returned from Hajj on Friday and it was great to meet up with them again. I always enjoy the tales Hajjis bring back with them … It allows me to reminisce about our trip and brings back some great memories of the magical cities of Mecca and Medina… just the mention of it makes my tummy tingle with the fluttering of butterflies. The cities draw me back to them like magnet… the energies there are so serene and calm.. and it brings my spirit total peace.

Dinner with the family on Eid night…

Published December 11, 2008 by sweetashoney

Monday night I had the family over for dinner- it was Eid night. The thing is I had invited my mom, dad and brother for supper anyway, so when sister in law said they were starting a new id tradition IE having turns annually too host eid dinner I thought why not kill to birds with one stone – have the in laws as ell as My family for dinner. I prepared everything in advance – my menu was mushroom steak, savoury pasta and noodle rice, grilled peri peri prawns and for desert I made something called passion fruit surprise…
everything went well until sister in law says that from next year they would not be having turns for eid dinner because it was ‘too hectic”. Just imagine…. now that I had my turn they found it too hectic… because they were too full… and too tired…. Blimey… after I had done all the work… well anyway…its over . I enjoyed the planning and the cooking so its actually there loss.
Did I mention that whenever dh’s family are over he always pretends to be this big macho man… by trying to act smarter and better than me … he always seems to find fault in everything I do…but I found the remedy for that in that I don’t keep quite anymore – its tit for tat now… I am not keeping quiet anymore… no more Mrs Nice girl…now I am not saying that I am rude I am just more in control and more assertive and it feels so good.

My father n law was discharged on Sunday morning – just in time to spend Eid with the family. The doctor told us that he has been experiencing repeated strokes and as a result the brain tissue on the right side of his brain might never heal (implying that some of the tissue is dead) and that he may never recover totally from the stroke… its really sad and diufficult to accept.. he has now become almost totally incontinent… its been difficult to take care of him at home now. My mom in law seems to be taking strain. It seems to be a no win situation. The dr even mentioned that we may have to admit him into a nursing hoe- in the muslim community this is un heard of… we usually try to take care of our own… its really difficult to imagine what his future will hold.

Lifting the burden off my heart

Published December 7, 2008 by sweetashoney

Where did the conflict between mom in law and daughter in law start….. I definitely know the why…
Why is it that they like to be involved in our lives? Why do they always side with their son even when they are wrong…. hmmm…
I am by nature a very introverted person and I tend to keep quiet even when I should speak up for myself…yest erday I could not stop expressing all my thoughts and I let go of all my frustration regarding darling husband, being taken advantage of and especially the unfairness of it all when it comes to her believing her son instead of me, even when it was wrong to do so.
IT felt soooo good… I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted of me… I was not rude…. I was amazingly calm when I did it… I should do it more often.