Mind and body healing

Published December 1, 2008 by sweetashoney

Heres an interesting article on the effects of Positive thinking on illness recovery:

The Effect of Positive Thinking on Medical Recovery
Author: Munya Chinongoza
For all those people out there that still had doubts about positive thinking and what it could do for you in your life, here is another reason for you to consider. Positive thinking can actually be used as part of your medical treatment. Patients who have had heart problems who have a positive outlook on their situation and in life are less likely to die in the decade after their diagnoses than those who are depressed, sad and have no hope about their situation.

A Group of researchers from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina actually discovered that in a study with heart patients. Those patients who were more optimistic were 30 to 50 per cent less likely to die in the 10 years following their diagnoses than those who are more pessimistic about their situation.

However you do not necessarily have to suffer from something serious for you to think positive about, to help you live longer. It has always been an assumption that thinking positive in your every day life will help you live longer. But now a study supports the idea that having a positive attitude can actually help you live a healthy life. It’s not only for heart surgeries, even just from surgery on your leg, having a positive attitude can do wonders for recovery. There have been studies that spanned 30 years and looked at the attitudes of patients after surgery.

Now even with all this information many people still choose not to believe the effects of positive thinking on medical recovery. They still have doubts and just simply laugh it off. However when you really think about it, what does one really have to lose? Either they can just sit there feel bad about themselves and mope about the situation that they are in, or they could try some positive thinking and slowly but surely it will help them get better and live a longer life. If you simply have determination and the will to live your situation might get a lot better.
Article Source:
About the Author:If you need more information on the effect of positive thinking on medical recovery , please visit our website: http://stepsofpositivethinking.com

Dh’s father had a stroke 6 months ago, its been a really long road and although we have tried numerous rehab therapies, physio, OT, Chinese massage and acupuncture up to now we have not seen much improvement. It seems as if father in law is not just motivated enough to improve. Its such a difficult situation we want him to improve so that his quality of life will improve but we just don’t see any motivation on his side. He is really emaciated…. needs help with all his activities of daily living and takes lots of medication… what to do?
I am one of those who believe that mind body and soul are linked… healing starts with the mind, positive affirmations are vital.your thoughts eventually become your reality and as cliched as it may sound … if you want something badly enough the universe/God will make it reality. The question is how do we get father in law to believe it?

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