Lifting the burden off my heart

Published December 7, 2008 by sweetashoney

Where did the conflict between mom in law and daughter in law start….. I definitely know the why…
Why is it that they like to be involved in our lives? Why do they always side with their son even when they are wrong…. hmmm…
I am by nature a very introverted person and I tend to keep quiet even when I should speak up for myself…yest erday I could not stop expressing all my thoughts and I let go of all my frustration regarding darling husband, being taken advantage of and especially the unfairness of it all when it comes to her believing her son instead of me, even when it was wrong to do so.
IT felt soooo good… I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted of me… I was not rude…. I was amazingly calm when I did it… I should do it more often.

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