It is Sunday already.. Reminiscing about Hajj

Published December 14, 2008 by sweetashoney

I can’t believe its Sunday already. Two days left to our HOLIDAY!!! The excitement has finally caught up with me, I must admit!!! I have to start packing soon, maybe tonight. The one thing I have not done yet is get my immunisation against cholera. Darling husband insists that its not necessary as long as we stick to drinking bottled water only. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but what about fruit and vegetables that have been rinsed in tap water- is that not risky?. Eish!!,I don’t know what to do … On the plus side I have already been vaccinated against yellow fever. Darling husband’s uncle , aunt and cousin have returned from Hajj on Friday and it was great to meet up with them again. I always enjoy the tales Hajjis bring back with them … It allows me to reminisce about our trip and brings back some great memories of the magical cities of Mecca and Medina… just the mention of it makes my tummy tingle with the fluttering of butterflies. The cities draw me back to them like magnet… the energies there are so serene and calm.. and it brings my spirit total peace.

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