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Mothers who love too much Someone help please!!

Published March 19, 2009 by sweetashoney

What is it about mothers?
I love my mom, don’t get me wrong I love and appreciate my mom …. but she just seems to be so clingy lately. She calls me every single day… and sometimes ( well more recently almost always) I don’t have any thing new to tell her, maybe I lead a boring life, but in the last twenty four hours there is nothing new I have to say. If I don’t call her then its “you don’t care about me” or ‘ you were to busty to talk to me ‘ or ” because your sister in law or friend’ was there you don’t call me”
My mother is retired and she stays at home, is she just bored? Maybe she is genuinely lonely, but I think she needs to find some other way to spend her time than cal me every single day. The other thing she loves to do is complain about my dad. He does not do this or that or he is so pulled up all the time…. I am so tired of being involved in their affairs now. How do communicate this to her without hurting her feelings? AArgh!!!!! its just so frustrating for me!!!!

Saying sorry

Published March 14, 2009 by sweetashoney

I know that I have been really bad at updating my blog, the thing is I have been so lazy, mainly because that I have noticed that no one is actually reading it. Maybe my reasons for keeping a blog was wrong, I should be updating it simply because it makes me feel better venting out my feelings, dreams, thoughts and daily musings. Dh and I had a tiff today. Well actually that’s wrong. He snapped at me because I did not purchase the right CD for him, overlooking the fact that I splashed out on a gift for him, something that i know he needed IE a compass showing the direction for prayer. What upset me is that while he said it was nice he did not say thank you but just harped on about the fact that it was the wrong CD…. Phew, was I Pissed off.

Anyway he came back t say sorry, while I understood that, I am still irritated with him. Why did he have to act like a little boy? So ungrateful!!!!