Rebecca Bloomwood your my hero!!!

Published April 4, 2009 by sweetashoney

Sophie Kinsella , you are my hero!!!

I am an emotional shopper… yes I am an addict. Whew… there I said it.

I love the high I get from my buying something nice. I love looking at baby clothes ooing and aahing at it and then buying it for my neices…. particularly when I am feeling undervalued and sorry for myself, It band aids my psyche…. it makes the hurt go away if not only for a fleeting moment…. I love that warm fuzzy feeling I get…..

until I get the dreaded credit card bill!!! I have paid my credit card bill and I am clear. Lord help me curb this habit I have please please give me the courage to walk past those alluring shop windows with my head faced forward and held high… give me the strength to say no!!!

Let me be a winner everyday.



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