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Cold and Rainy Cape Town and update from RE

Published May 31, 2009 by sweetashoney

Reporting from a cold and wet Cape Town….
actually not quite…. its fffreezing here.
I saw Dr D yesterday – everything is a okay the ovarian cyst from a month ago has shrunk from 5cm to 4 .5 cm. Its kind of weird since I am starting to feel some side pain from the cyst now. Uterine lining is looking good – 7 mm. Seeing my fave Dr again on Tuesday to assess lining again and to decide when to take the ?Gestone shot … induce ovulation.

Since Friday I have been so moody . Actually more moody.
Poor Dh .
Dh left today. He had to rush off to Jozi for an important meeting tomorrow but will be back on Thursday. I am staying with my fave aunt here in Rondebosch East..

I love and miss you honey.

My Spero

Published May 29, 2009 by sweetashoney

My Spero
My Hope
One day left till Cape Town. Yippeeee!!!
One day left till base line scan… am so nervous. Hopefully my uterine lining will be great and it will be all systems go!!
Progynova – mood swings…. One minute I am frustrated and angry and the next minute I am a bicket of tears…
I am still trying to finish the montessori assignment. Its taking so long – I think its time to confexx trhat I am losing / or have lost interest…

Job hunt still goes on.

Published May 25, 2009 by sweetashoney

He made it !!
Did you see him on tv? He was the gorgeous one who crossed the finish with 3 minutes to spare… yes he had the yellow clown wig on. Funny but still drop dead gorgeous… yes yes I have a reason to be biased.

He has just got his 8th comrades medal. I am SO proud of him.

Now only 3 more medals – the last one God willing will be with his green number.

I am so ecstatic!

On the TTC front- still taking my Progynova – some clever person on fertility friends said take 2 at 5-30 and 2 immediately before you go to bed. Thank You.

No side effects anymore – no muggy heavy head feeling anymore, just dry mouth and thirst… so I am drinking water by the gallon.

Now that the time is getting nearer to do the baseline scan – I am getting nervous and anxoius. Anyone out there got some ideas on how to deal woth that?