Published May 25, 2009 by sweetashoney

He made it !!
Did you see him on tv? He was the gorgeous one who crossed the finish with 3 minutes to spare… yes he had the yellow clown wig on. Funny but still drop dead gorgeous… yes yes I have a reason to be biased.

He has just got his 8th comrades medal. I am SO proud of him.

Now only 3 more medals – the last one God willing will be with his green number.

I am so ecstatic!

On the TTC front- still taking my Progynova – some clever person on fertility friends said take 2 at 5-30 and 2 immediately before you go to bed. Thank You.

No side effects anymore – no muggy heavy head feeling anymore, just dry mouth and thirst… so I am drinking water by the gallon.

Now that the time is getting nearer to do the baseline scan – I am getting nervous and anxoius. Anyone out there got some ideas on how to deal woth that?

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