Cold and Rainy Cape Town and update from RE

Published May 31, 2009 by sweetashoney

Reporting from a cold and wet Cape Town….
actually not quite…. its fffreezing here.
I saw Dr D yesterday – everything is a okay the ovarian cyst from a month ago has shrunk from 5cm to 4 .5 cm. Its kind of weird since I am starting to feel some side pain from the cyst now. Uterine lining is looking good – 7 mm. Seeing my fave Dr again on Tuesday to assess lining again and to decide when to take the ?Gestone shot … induce ovulation.

Since Friday I have been so moody . Actually more moody.
Poor Dh .
Dh left today. He had to rush off to Jozi for an important meeting tomorrow but will be back on Thursday. I am staying with my fave aunt here in Rondebosch East..

I love and miss you honey.

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