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Progress report and coping with the BFN

Published June 30, 2009 by sweetashoney

A part of me still hopes fr a miracle pregnancy. I know I should not question the will of God and I know that I should stop blaming myself for the BFN….. but its really difficult.
Thank you Sabihah and Emilion for your words of comfort and encouragement. I really appreciate it.

I should start looking into adoption now… right now I feel that my body and spirit may bot be brav enough for another IVF attempt… but then again time is a great healer.

I have finally completed another Montessori assignment and I think its necassary for submission. I feels as if I have lost interest in the course now… because I was planning to home school my own childor children. (sigh).

Another BFN

Published June 24, 2009 by sweetashoney

My blood test on the 18th showed another big fat negative. No pregnancy. No baby. Yet again.
Everyday it seems to get a bit easier… I try not to think about it… I try not to think about thinking about it. It hurts

neuroses of an infertile

Published June 13, 2009 by sweetashoney

I feel as if I am not a complete neurotic. Its 5 days since my fet, we transferred two 8 cell embies and I am so scared. Been taking gestone shots once a day and 6mg of progynova morning and night. I seem to be analysing every single symptom for eg… I have a full sensation in my tummy some side and back pain… am trying so hard to be positive. I test on the 18th. Am nort sure if these symptoms from the meds I am on or what..Sending out Positive vibes to the universe

The Human Pin Cushion

Published June 5, 2009 by sweetashoney

Its a rainy, misty,cold evening….
I cannot wait for my dh to get here now…. its a week already…. I miss him.
My endometrium has grown to 8.5 mm and I have started with gestone injections last night. Ouch… a family friend of ours is a dr and he will be administering it forme every night till Monday night. I suppose I will have to give myself the shots from Tuesday since dh is so afraid of needles.

ET is scheduled for Monday morning. They will be defrosting all five embies (including 2 8 celled and three smaller ones.

I am nervous and excited at the same time.