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one door closes and another opens

Published July 16, 2009 by sweetashoney

one door closes and another opens

Published July 16, 2009 by sweetashoney

We are pursuing adoption… at this stage we are treading on new ground as we are both learning so much. Are we ready for this?

In a nutshell – the birth mother is 30 weeks pregnant and due mid September. I plan to contact the Private social worker on monday to find out exactly how we need to go about all of this. I am excited and anxious at the same time. Please pray for us.

the scab keeps breaking apart

Published July 12, 2009 by sweetashoney

When does pain end and healing begin? Is a wound ever going to heal if a scab keeps breaking apart. Today our extended family had a get together and I was surrounded by babies and mothers. You would think that being in the infertility wash cycle I would be used to it by now. It hurt so much that I just had to walk away. I walked across the room. It was enough.

On the job hunt scene… The calls did come in… I even had an impromptu telephonic interview… I am waiting impatiently for news

picking up and carrying on

Published July 8, 2009 by sweetashoney

I am so keen on entering the job market again… now that its been about two weeks since my BFN. I need to keep my mind occupied. The busier I am the less likely I will be thinking about my infertility .

DH still does not really like to discuss his feelings with me.. saying don’t worry what ever God wants will be…. UGGHH…..
Perhaps he is trying to protect me….. to be strong for me.

Been sending my CV out… waiting for call backs… that’s the most frustrating… the waiting.

In the mean while I will be starting my fifth Montessori assignment today…wish me luck. I can’t wait till its all over. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but all I want to do is complete what I committed to.