Published June 27, 2012 by sweetashoney

Theres an emptiness inside

that won’t go away

It’s cold and sore.

It hurts now,

even more.

I have tasted many tears.

Saltier and saltier.

Where does it come from?


I wish someone would hear me

and take the emptiness all away,


My words are all in vain,

as the emptiness will be back again and again.

Hope is all I have.

No means of escape

except for this writing.

Each night I pray

for no hurt,

no pain,

No anger,

no bitterness

or jealousy,

But just pleasant dreams to see.

How long they will last,

I don’t know.

Is that how its all supposed to go?

Salt, tears, hurt, dreams

and Smiles,

for as long as we breathe.

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