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Published October 10, 2012 by sweetashoney

This post has been a long time coming.  I had typed this up on Friday and somehow the post just disappeared!!! Neddless to say I was most irritated that my efforts had been wasted.

I bought this powder a month or two ago and totally forgot about doing a review!!

This is what Max Factor says about this product:

Glamorous skin is simple to achieve with the luxurious finish of this high coverage powder make-up compact. It’s perfect for all skin types and gives a flawless matt finish with a soft, subtle glow thanks to millions of miracle light reflecting particles. Choose your look by using it alone over moisturiser for a fresher base, on top of your foundation for a red carpet result or even as an all in one make-up for a groomed, glamorous glow.

The product is packaged in a small, round  black case with the name and shade engraved onto the top in gold.

It is enclosed with

image courtesy of http://www.maxfactor.co.uk

a puff.  The website boasts 9 shades but Clicks only had 6.

My shade is no 42 – deep beige.

Deep Beige

Pros of Maxfactor Creme Puff Deep Beige:

  • Covrage can be built up.
  • Nice natural finish, imparts a subtle glow.
  • not drying
  • Flawless finish
  • Inexpensive
  • Does not Look cakey
  • Travel friendly

Cons of Maxfactor Creme Puff Deep Beige

  • Needs to be touched up every 2 hours, so not that long lasting
  • No mirror included. 😦
  • Puff is hard and tacky.
  • Has Parabens
  • perfumey scent

Give it a try!


A blast from the past

Published June 13, 2012 by sweetashoney

I am actually a little embarrassed as I have neglected this blog horribly.  Major surgery this year – I had to have a lap myomectomy…. spent almost ten days in hospital.   The long and the short of it – no more IVF – Dr V says he does not Recommend even trying . Too  risky….

so the end of that chapter….

My emotions have been a real rollercoaster and these days more low days than good days and DH’s travelling doesn’t help either…

Of  late I have found some beautiful blogs on fashion and makeup and they have not only been informative but also entertaining as I am learning so much!

It also helps to get my mind off the whole Baby thing….